Your Personal Travel Liaisons

Leck Travel Service is recognized as a leading premier service provider for both corporate and luxury leisure travelers.  We have moved beyond being travel agents.  We are your personal travel liaisons.  We know how to take your ideas and dreams and make them into extraordinary, real lifelong-memory experiences.

We have been putting together successful travel packages and plans for businesses and individuals for 40 years.  We are a strategic network partner of the leading travel management company, Travel Leaders Group.  We combine industry-leading expertise with personal, local service.  We make it our business to know our clients whether they are seeking to get away or just get there.

We’ve been there.

Our travel specialists are travelers, too.  They have experienced the complications, security issues and budget expectations of corporate travel as well as the joy, relaxation and quality concerns of luxury travel for couples and families.  We know that you want to focus on where you’re at and why you’re there rather than “how” you’re going to get there and “when”.

We’ve got this.

Even if someone on our team hasn’t been to a particular location, we have established and confirmed the highest quality connections to premium service providers at even the most remote sites worldwide.  We know the questions to ask and the solutions you need (that you won’t find through a DIY internet search).  This enables us to deliver customized travel requests and all-encompassing travel planning services.

We are available.

We know what to do.  What if you have an accident or become ill while traveling?  What if a major weather event occurs when you’re overseas?  What if a security concern arises while you’re on the road?  You don’t have to know all the answers. We are partners with leading global 24-hour, 7-days-a-week accessible travel management and personal services companies. We will help address any concerns in fast, courteous and reliable ways.

It IS about you.

We know your needs are unique. You deserve more than pre-packaged cookie-cutter options.  With Leck Travel Service you can be certain you’re working with certified and experienced destination professionals who will not waste your time.  We offer comprehensive services through personalized travel plan development.  We’ll design your travel plan with respect to your budget and time guidelines without sacrificing value.  We have the latest technologies and online services so you can be confident of the details before and during your travel experience.  Then, when you return, you will also have access to a full range of information resources and reports for follow-up as needed.

Give us a call or share some of your ideas with us online.  We’ll serve as your Personal Travel Liaisons to put together the best travel experience for you, your employees and/or your loved ones.

Call:  817.654.3838

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