How It All Started

Dot Leck and her son, Dave, shared a love for quality and personal service and had the same entrepreneurial heart.  40-plus years ago they brainstormed to create a business they could grow together in their hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.  They studied the lifestyles and needs of Americans to research the best ways to build a business based on service.

American Travel Needs Service

They noted that more Americans than ever before were being required to travel for business on journeys that needed more than a car to get there.  Americans were also able to afford vacations that could take them and their families to fun and exotic locations.  What was missing was a reliable and high quality service that could address their growing needs and increasingly complicated requests with not only domestic, but also international destinations.  That inspired Dot and Dave to create a business that could provide customized travel plans while preserving the quality of one-to-one personal service.

Leck Travel Service Launches 1976

When they launched Leck Travel Service in 1976, they committed themselves to offer the highest standards of travel service connections world-wide.  At the time, there was no Internet.  Most travel agencies used phones (with hard wire cables and circle dials-gasp!) and the postal service to research locations, buy maps and arrange tours.  Businesses were only opened from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.  But Dot and Dave were undeterred and continued to build their team of travel professionals who paid attention to details and tenaciously worked to help clients no matter the time, day of the week, or location.

Dot and Dave searched daily to find the best value for their customers and keep up with the latest travel industry tools and information resources.  Through the years, Leck Travel’s commitment to core values in business of integrity and customer service gained them exclusive and permanent relationships with dozens of clients.  Those connections stretched worldwide as technologies and resources gave 24-hour access to destination information.

Worldwide Connections Today

Dave says his mother, who passed away in 1999, would be astonished to see how the Internet has enabled millions of people to book air travel, rent vehicles and confirm hotel accommodations on their own.  But, as most frequent travelers know, online research has its limits. It remains extremely difficult to find all the best values and service combinations.  It is also challenging to put together travel plans for more frequent and multi-destination trips. Many leisure luxury trips and hard-to-get-to fascinating experiences are only available through trained professional networks.  So when it comes to quality and complicated travel planning, more travelers are now requesting the help of experienced professionals, like those at Leck Travel Service, to make the right connections for them.

Family Tradition Lives On

Today, Dave and his sister, Debbie, carry on the family service-centered business tradition.  Dot would be proud to know that Leck Travel Service has served thousands of customers through the years, stretching from coast-to-coast and around the globe.  As the agency continues to grow, its professionals maintain an exceptional service standard of excellence.  Staying true to Dot’s dreams, the professionals at Leck Travel Service endeavor to uphold the core values she believed in: Integrity, Value, Trust, Customer Focus and Advocacy.

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