Concur® Travel Management Solution

“Everyone wins with automated travel and expense management.  It’s time to optimize.”

Leck Travel Service is pleased to offer Concur®, a cloud-based service that provides a suite of business travel booking and expense management tools.  Concur® helps organizations monitor and enforce travel policies while it offers traveling employees the freedom, speed, convenience and choices they need while on the road.

Concur® simplifies the in-policy booking experience for the business traveler.  It also provides visibility for pre-trip and exception approvals, standardized reports and receipts for more efficient and productive travel experiences.

Managers have 24-hour access to detailed reports for quick and informed budget and policy decisions.  The time-sensitive solution makes it much easier to monitor spending to make informed daily decisions as well as formulate more accurate forecasts that leverage negotiated discounts.

Concur®’s integrated solution gives you total visibility into spend.  Concur® services connect to travel suppliers, travel agencies like Leck Travel, credit card companies, vendors–every place and way that your employees spend money, capturing spend wherever and whenever it happens.

  • Web-based and mobile apps automate, accelerate and improve expenses management.
  • End-to-end travel and expense solutions lead to better compliance.
  • Automation reduces the cost of expense report transactions by reducing the time it takes to fill out expense reports and match receipts while improving accuracy overall.
  • Features are adaptable to all types of spend – emailed invoices, supplier networks, POs, paper and more.
  • Organizations gain improved insight into comprehensive employee travel expenses.
  • Key metrics, pre-defined reports and dashboards result in better cash flow management.
  • Adaptable to fit the needs of all sizes of businesses.
  • T&E App supports multiple currencies and languages and integrates with multiple ERP systems.
  • Concur® Expense automatically calculates the currency exchange rate, complex care-mileage allowances and VAT/GST/HST/FBT.
  • Concur® Travel includes content from multiple global distribution systems, negotiated and published fares, direct connects and web-only fares to provide a wide range of options for global travelers.

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Concur® Information Brochure