Management Reports & Travel Policy Compliance

You need to know what’s going on and where people are.  You also need to know if trip details are being handled according to policy. At Leck Travel Service, we’ll keep you in the know.

Our proprietary travel information systems allow us to compile and generate in-depth customized Travel Management Reports.  We also offer the Cloud-based Concur® travel booking and management tool for 24-hour access to information.  We know you need to keep an eye on how you spend money on travel expenses as well as on-the-road production and overall efficiency.  We have the tools to help you make certain you’re getting the most out of business travel.

Ask and you will receive.

We are able to produce reports detailing data specific to departments, job numbers, branches, employee numbers, individual travelers and more.  Our business clients also utilize our Lost Savings Report which compares the ticketed fare with the published fare.  We can scale up or down depending upon your company’s size, travel policy details, spending goals and more.

Your quarterly Travel Management Report will give details about your travel spend to better manage trends and cash flow.  This information will also help formulate more accurate forecasts that leverage negotiated discounts and re-enforce decisions made throughout the budget planning process.

Travel policy & compliance ready.

Our experienced travel professionals are concerned with keeping and enforcing the mandates and directives of your company’s travel policy.  Different industries have different issues when it comes to travel and we do our best to know and implement the policies that your company has already determined to be most important for your traveling employees.  At your request, we have tools that can be used to monitor employee travel policy compliance to alert them and managers of issues.

If you do not have a travel policy in place or need assistance in updating your policy to match today’s changing marketplace, one of our experts will be happy to work with you to select guidelines and goals.

Getting to know you.

Each business traveler we serve is requested to fill out a Business Traveler Profile.  This gives us the ability to specifically address the individual travel needs of our clients in the most efficient and comprehensive ways. It also confirms travel rewards and membership benefits are being used for the best advantage to budgets and resource availability.

Staying up with trends.

Each year we work with premium business travel research service providers to determine business travel trends.  This keeps us on the leading edge of information so that we can offer you the best solution with the best value.  We keep up on both domestic and international travel issues that affect business travelers in particular.  All of this keeps us informed so you’ll be informed. It’s a win-win.

  • Customized & scalable travel management programs
  • Development of collaborative annual business travel plans
  • Application of leading procurement & sourcing disciplines to business travel
  • Implementation of key performance indicators to ensure goals are executed in accordance with established business travel policies
  • Proactive account management through regular reports & account reviews
  • Executive Traveler Profiles for faster bookings & accurate recordkeeping
  • Best practices consulting & benchmarking
  • Risk containment & travel insurance
  • Advanced & integrated state-of-the-art systems ensuring 24×7 uninterrupted service