Ensuring Traveler Wellbeing

Duty of Care is about doing all that’s reasonable to ensure a traveling employee’s wellbeing, health and safety.  With Leck Travel Service, you’ll be able to choose travel-related products and services that show you have your employee’s best interests in mind while they are on the road.

  • Global and Direct Communications
  • Business Intelligence Exchange
  • Calendar Sync
  • Traveler Monitoring
  • Traveler Notifications
  • Risk Management
  • Risk Containment and more!

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Travel Insurance

We help our business clients demonstrate corporate responsibility by addressing the issues of traveler safety and security.

We offer the most reliable and comprehensive travel insurance products on the market through our partnership with Allianz Global Assistance.  We’ll bring you the best values for both domestic and international travel including coverage for business and personal travel.


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Traveler Monitoring

Our business travel technology solutions enable your company to keep up with where your employees are when they are traveling.  It can also send them updated instructions and alerts.

We’ve got the details covered – even when the unpredictable happens.

It’s not what you can think of that may happen as much as what you can’t think of that makes the global capability of our Traveler Monitoring so effective and necessary in today’s fluid travel environment.

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Risk Containment

Each day news alerts warn us of security concerns, health risks and weather-related delays associated with travel.  An average

1.24 million business-related trips

occur just in America every day!  If only one-half of one-percent of those trips have something happen that requires a communication with a traveling employee, there would literally be thousands of reasons every day for businesses to have reliable tools to connect world-wide as quickly as possible.

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Business Traveler Profile

All individual travelers who will be traveling frequently are asked to fill out a Business Traveler Profile.

The information is kept secure and confidential.  It allows us to have important, specific information to book and update travel and accommodations quickly and accurately. It also gives us direct links to connect with a business traveler about any changes or alerts while they are away from home.

The profile information not only speeds up the process, but also ensure membership benefits are used and recorded in a timely, accurate and beneficial way.

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