Security For The Business Traveler

Responsible travel management goes beyond sustainable procurement reaching into what’s best socially, physically and ethically for the employees that are traveling on company business. Through 4 decades of working with travelers, we at Leck Travel Service have gained experience handling incidents both domestic and international, personal and business-related. Those issues have ranged from security concerns to health issues to mother nature’s wrath to automobile accidents abroad and more.

We know how to help you determine your organization’s specific needs and those of the employees on your team that will be traveling.  For example, the well-being of a traveler can also be affected by the stress of lost luggage, delays, language barriers and more.  Our experience, approach and connections can ease stresses and confirm solutions faster.  We’ll help you customize a plan of action that matches the travel risks that may occur.

Integration Capabilities

We will work with you to blend your company’s particular travel policies with our system’s capabilities to have an emergency notification plan in place.  We are able to collaborate with multiple internal company divisions and departments to help you establish the best travel-related risk management strategies.

Emergency Responsiveness

Should an emergency arise, your travel risk containment plan will activate. We have the technology and a system to provide your key company representatives with the location of every employee booked through our system. We have global communications connections and access to information resources and people world-wide to help you formulate the best response. This will assure you and your traveling employees that efforts are underway to keep them secure and bring them home as soon as possible.

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