Travel Policy Creation and Integration Solutions

When was the last time your company’s or organization’s travel policy was updated?  Are you certain it properly aligns your travel budget goals with flexible and efficient solutions for your employees? Does it incorporate the latest technology for traveler monitoring and cost containment?  (Does your business even have a travel policy?)

At Leck Travel Service we have the expertise and decades of experience helping businesses create, implement and manage successful travel policies that meet overall business objectives.  We have found that even if a business has only a few employees who must travel on a regular basis, a travel policy provides for more effective traveler monitoring and cost savings.

“Travel management companies consistently show that by implementing a travel policy and getting their travelers on the same page (booking preferred suppliers, using the same booking tool, etc.) companies save 20% or more in travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses in the first year of a managed travel program.”  – Global Business Travel Association

Customized Travel Policy Development

Just as each person is different, each company is different. Travel policies can be short and sweet, or long and specific.  If cost reduction is the primary focus of your organization, we know strategies and tools that will help control expenditures and can help you create a travel policy that not only controls costs, but does so without causing employee frustration or increasing risks. Some business cultures place the comfort and ease of use for travelers as the leading strategy in designing a travel policy.  We have the tools to help create a travel policy that puts the traveler first, but also remains fiscally responsible.

Leck Travel Service business travel experts will help you select the travel policy directives that most closely match the character and goals of your business or organization.  We can also ensure that your travel policy addresses today’s Duty of Care responsibilities.  Then we will guide you through a policy development phase leading to it’s implementation, employee notification and integration.

Whether we help you develop and/or upgrade your business travel policy, Leck Travel Service experts will bring a number of benefits to the table.  Here are just a few:

Did you know?

Here are a few travel policy tips from the Global Business Travel Association.

-By instituting a travel policy, you can drive revenue to preferred suppliers who, in turn, will reward your travelers with complimentary upgrades, airline lounge passes and other perks such as late hotel check-out or free continental breakfast.

-Business travel using tour packages offered in resort and big city locations, for example, can cost much less than traditional, separate purchases of air tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars, particularly when booked in advance.

-Check your company’s insurance policy to determine if it can be waived for your employees’ car rentals? With a clear, comprehensive travel policy in place you can also save on fuel costs by insisting that renters refuel with regular unleaded gas. Premium gas is intended for high-performance vehicles only, not rental cars.

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