Who What Where and When

Our business travel technology solutions enable your company to keep up with the status of traveling employees as well as review whether spend is within policy and budget goals.

Our business travel experts at Leck Travel Service will help optimize your travel budget by providing the tools and practices that make booking easy and in-policy.  We know how to ensure the safety and productivity of your traveling employee as well as help your company or organization get the most out of negotiated discounts for travel and lodging.

Through our travel solutions you’ll be able to select a number of options including knowing where individual employees are, tracking their spend, and communicating updates and alerts to them. You may also choose to keep track of invoices, receipts and expense reports. These custom and internal tracking systems allow us to monitor each traveler’s schedule from the day of booking up to the day of departure and to the end of each travel plan. We’re able to make adjustments quickly to save time, money and hassle.

World-Wide and Local

We have long-term global relationships with premier travel suppliers that help us negotiate the best value. Our technology helps each business traveler by sharing the best in-policy choices automatically. Yet, we have remained successful today because we continue to keep things personal and real. That means, your business traveler will have access to a live person who knows their name and company policies.

Safety and Productivity

We know that travel efficiency is a key business objective. Traveler monitoring is also valuable to ensure the business traveler and his or her organization that they are safe and productive while on the road. We can help solve issues that may cause delays or distractions so that a traveler can concentrate on business.

If there should be a more urgent need, we have access to effective and fast global communications and tracking systems. We provide the latest Risk Containment tools and strategies.

The bottom line: Successful travel management today must include a traveler monitoring component that will provide accurate data in a timely and efficient way. At Leck Travel Service, we maintain the latest and most efficient monitoring systems.

We are committed to maintaining our investment of time and resources in technology and infrastructure in order to meet your daily travel needs as well as your long-term travel management plan. We even have the system in place to provide you updated and accurate travel management reports.