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You dream it; We make it a reality. Leck Travel Service Destination Specialists are knowledgeable and connected. You’ll be amazed at how we are able to not only match your leisure travel plans, but also share some awesome ideas and experiences you may never have thought of.

We create customized Leisure and Luxury Travel Plans for individuals, couples, families and groups. We are excited about all the exclusive personalized possibilities we can arrange for you and look forward to getting started on your travel plan.

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Not Sure of Your Plans?

There are so many travel choices today it may be difficult for you to determine what you want to do and where you want to go.  We also know how complicated is it to think of and manage all the necessary details.  We have several types of tools that may help you get started.

  • If you have an idea of where you’d like to go and when:
    Call us at 817.654.3838 or
    Connect with one of our experienced Destination Specialists.
  • If you’re not sure, but know you’ll need help with planning:
    Fill out our more in-depth Help Me Plan My Trip survey. We’ll guide you through details and then suggest ideas that match your best wishes.
  • If you like to search through all kinds of travel plans and packages to gain ideas and better understand what’s available:
    Use our exclusive Plan a Trip online search engine.

Experiential Travel

Today more than ever before vacations are growing into extraordinary experiences that reach into deeply-rooted imaginations and personal goals.  More vacationers are using their time off to explore unknown territories and reach new summits- figuratively and literally. At Leck Travel Service we specialize in developing custom travel plans.  What’s on your bucket list?

Immersion.  Emotional.  Personal.

Climbing the Thorung La… discussing theological reasoning with Tibetan monks… driving the latest Super Car… cliff jumping from a waterfall in Jamaica… working on a ranch with a team of real Texas cowboys… sailing through the Greek Isles on a Passport 545… having breakfast at the Vatican… having your own personal shopper for the fashion houses in Milan… golfing with the golf pro at the Gleneagles Hotel PGA championship course in Scotland… private lessons from a leading California winemaker…

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The Allure of Asia

Incredible richly diverse ancient cultures, idyllic islands, rare and exotic wildlife, delicious culinary delights, stunning beaches, private getaways and exciting night life activities make travel to Asia compelling and beautifully memorable.

Incredibly Friendly People. Beautiful Landscapes. Spending Power.

Whether you are seeking the highest end of luxury accommodations or a secluded budget-friendly backpacker adventure, our experts at Leck Travel Service can help you put together the one-of-a-kind of travel plan that will meet (and exceed!) your expectations.

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Sports Destinations

When you’re a true blue fan, you understand the need to be there!  At Leck Travel Service we can make all the arrangements for you from travel to game tickets to lodging to unique personal experiences with teams and athletes.

You’ve Got to Go! But Mind the Gap…

It’s not just about the airline tickets, game day seats and hotel rooms.  We can fill in the gaps to arrange pre-game parties, group or individual stadium, hall of fame and city tours, and more.

Many of our clients arrange their yearly vacation time to coincide with a major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, Indianapolis 500, and the World Series.  Other fans want to experience what it’s like to play on the same golf course where the Masters is held or ski the slopes and jumps where Olympic champions train.  If you can dream it….we can make it happen!

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European Destinations

The Beauty. The History. The Food. The Variety. The People.

From picturesque, timeless landscapes to the world’s most advanced cities, there is something for every personality and every taste in the countries and culture of Europe.  At Leck Travel Service we’ve been creating customized Leisure and Luxury Travel Plans for decades and we know the best destinations to satisfy your desire for a dream European vacation.

The Perfect Blend of Old and New

Whether you’re traveling with family or as a couple or individual, we know how to ensure exclusive and once-in-a-lifetime memories for you.

Think of it:  Mountains or rolling hills, vineyards or fjords, exotic beaches or quaint fishing villages, cosmopolitan shopping or chalets and castles. What’s your dream?  Imagine yourself enjoying the tastes and sites of Rome, Amsterdam, The Vatican, The Louvre, London, Venice, Sicily, Tuscany, Greece, Prague, Moscow, Madrid… what’s your hearts desire when you think of traveling through Europe?  We step beyond pre-packaged tours into a personal … (more)

Destination Weddings (& Honeymoons!)

Hawaii, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, New York…  It’s your dream wedding at your dream destination- the romance, the memories, the joy- it can be yours.  At Leck Travel Service, we have the expertise and the global connections to orchestrate a beautiful harmony of travel plans, on-site wedding planner services, honeymoon details and more!

“Destination Weddings need experienced professionals to ensure you and your guests have the best personalized joy-filled experience at the best value.”

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