Unmatched Capabilities

All of us at Leck Travel Service are driven by a passion for quality, service, integrity and making our business clients’ travel experiences exceptional.

  • 40 years travel planning and management success
  • dedicated team of highly skilled travel professionals
  • long-term partnerships with leading global travel service networks
  • continually developing our knowledge, skills and level of service


Even so, we haven’t grown so big that we have forgotten our focus on you. We love being a local, personal service-centered travel agency.

Responsive Expertise

Experienced travel professionals and service options that are available wherever and whenever you or your employees need them.

  • Customized programs, scalable solutions
  • Flexible service options
  • Leadership and decision-making available when you need it
  • Client-focused with a local presence and support
  • Accessible! Never an impersonal call center

When you call, we know who you are.

Cost-Cutting Methods

We deliver the best business travel value through secure alliances, ongoing vendor negotiations and system monitoring.

  • Corporate Hotel Program
  • Negotiated Fares and Discounts
  • Specific Vendor Negotiations
  • Unused Ticket Monitoring
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Concur®


Advanced Technology

Our advanced technology platform supports our business travel clients with the latest most effective and efficient solutions providing:

  • online booking tools
  • global connections 24×7
  • expense management
  • mobile apps
  • quality assurance
  • detailed reports

We will work with you to determine which of our comprehensive suite of tools works best for your customized travel plan.

Learn more about the Advanced Technology we use.